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Well what can I say !!! This has been amazing!! As this being my first job It’s has been the best !! I have made friends for life and I will never forget it !! I will for sure be applying in 2022 I have loved every minute of it and making connections with the public has been a joy so THANK YOU !!!

The best part about working at Wicksteed is how you can do a different thing everyday, it mixes up the day and stops you from getting tired and bored of doing the same thing

I want to thank you and the wicksteed team for this experience. This role has left me with many valuable life skills that I’m certain will benefit my future careers, as well as many happy memories. Thank you again for giving me this opportunity.

I just want to say how amazing the experience has been and I will happily come back at the start of next years season.

Thank you for these past few months, they have been amazing!’

I would like to thank you for taking me on as part of your team. My experience here has really boosted my confidence and I have gained many skills from working at Wicksteed Park.

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