Terms & Conditions

At Wicksteed Park, we are about a fun day out for all the family! There are however a few important points around wristbands, tickets and permits and park rules. These are all outlined below.

Park Rules

Wicksteed Park is privately owned by the Wicksteed Charitable Trust and is closed every night. The opening and closing times are displayed on each of the pedestrian gates. Times vary across the year.

Dogs must be kept on leads at all times no matter how small or sweet natured.

Please clean up your dog’s mess after you – it is a serious public health hazard.

Dogs are not allowed in the children’s play areas. Please observe the signs.

There is a dog exercising field above the campsite at the far side of the park, this is the only place where dogs can be let off a lead

Smoking is not permitted in the ride areas, playgrounds or built-up areas. It is permitted in the grounds but please dispose of your cigarette butts safely. They are a fire risk.

You can cycle around the lake path before the rides open at 10:30am or after they close at 6pm. Please watch out for pedestrians at all times.

Cycling in the built up areas is not allowed.

You are very welcome to have a picnic but please pick up all your litter and place in the bins provided.

We would rather spend our money on improving the park rather than picking up litter!

Please use the BBQ Field to have a BBQ. Disposable BBQs are strictly banned unless they are kept well off the grass (at least 500mm). They cause major long term damage and are a serious fire risk. Please dispose of your hot cinders in the special black metal bins provided.

Please do not walk on our train track, it may look strong but any damage does mean higher maintenance bills for us. The train bridges are just that – bridges for trains and not humans.

Wicksteed Park is full of wonderful wildlife and plants. Please respect them all.

Please do not feed the wildfowl with bread, it is not good for them.

Any damage or theft to our property will not be tolerated. We do prosecute.

Personal property: Wicksteed Charitable Trust accepts no responsibility for loss of personal property.

Please treat our staff as you wish to be treated. We do not tolerate any bullying or abuse.

Swimming in the lake is done at your own risk. Wicksteed Charitable Trust accepts no responsibility for any injuries or accidents which may arise.

The park operates a first aid service on ride days only.


General tickets and wristband terms inc seasonal events.

Ride wristbands and tickets are only valid on the day of purchase. Occasionally, rides may closed due to technical or operational reasons, or in certain weather conditions.

There are no refunds on tickets or wristbands including event tickets such as Magical Wicksteed, Outdoor Cinema and other events.

Whilst we understand illness and injuries can affect a visit to Wicksteed Park, Ride Wristbands/Tickets or Activities purchased are non-transferable.

Please note that tickets are non-refundable or non-transferable for event ticket purchases.

  1. The parking permit entitles the owner of the car to park in the designated car parks, as directed by the Parking Attendant.
  2. Please remember your car parking permit is for your vehicle, not you (the owner) and is NOT TRANSFERABLE between vehicles.
  3. If you change your vehicle, you must return your parking permit to Wicksteed Park in order for them to re-issue you with a new one and for your details to be updated. Wicksteed Park will not replace a car parking permit that has been sold on with a vehicle, as the permit remains valid. You will need to purchase another parking permit for your new vehicle and pay another deposit.
  4. The parking permit is for Wicksteed Park users only and is not valid for business parking or offsite visits.
  5. The route to and from the car parks, as indicated by the Park’s Authorities, must be adhered to at all times.
  6. The car must not be taken to any other part of the Park and the pedestrian areas must be treated as such.
  7. A speed restriction of 10 mph will be strictly imposed.
  8. No liability is accepted, and all parking is at the owner’s risk.
  9. Random checks will be carried out to ensure the correct parking permit is being used for the corresponding vehicle. Failure to adhere to the terms and conditions of the sale may lead to the cancellation of your parking permit, which will prevent you from accessing the Park by vehicle.
  10. If you misplace your card, you will need to pay £2.50 for a replacement card.
  11. The Park reserves the right to cancel any parking permit if the conditions are not observed.

Car Parking for non-permit holders

In order for the charity to provide free open access to this beautiful parkland, donations are vital in order to enable them to do so. The money that we receive for parking your car at Wicksteed Park is a key contributor to this area so thank you for your support.

Our parking is managed by an external company and works using ANPR so there is no barrier in place. This system helps speed up entry and exit and is a much smoother process for all.

There are a number of ways to pay for your parking, so please do read the notices around the park to ensure you have paid before you leave. Our fees can be seen below. A fine will be issued if a vehicle exits through the ANPR without having paid a fee.

For those visitors who are attending an event or meeting when parking fees are levied, then registration numbers will be required in advance or on the day in order to register your vehicle with the system.

If you visit the park regularly, why not take advantage of our parking permit. To enquire or purchase one of these, please call 01536 512475.