A Short Story

Step into a world of magic at Wicksteed Park. Nestled in the heart of Kettering, Northamptonshire, it's not just a park; it's an experience, memory-maker, and place where history meets adventure. Spanning a vast 147 acres of lush, rolling parkland, Wicksteed Park is the perfect day out. From the thrill of over 25 exhilarating rides and attraction to the serenity of open spaces where you can lose yourself in a book or challenge your loved ones to a spirited football match, there's something for everyone. And the best part? Our parkland is open and free for families to enjoy all day long.

Did you know? We are funded by the charitable trust

Wicksteed Park, nurtured by a dedicated charitable trust, embodies history, community, and joy. With roots tracing back to its founder Charles Wicksteed, who championed leisure and recreation for all, this green haven holds a rich legacy.

Amid thrilling rides and serene landscapes, Charles Wicksteed’s vision thrives. It’s a place where people of all backgrounds unite, relishing the outdoors and forging lasting memories. This enduring vision is upheld by the trust.

Rides infuse excitement and financial stability, vital to Wicksteed Park’s essence. Beyond heart-pounding thrills, they’re a part of its core.
As you explore and appreciate the park’s beauty, remember your place in a generational continuum. Wicksteed Park’s journey from its origins to today’s vibrant destination is sustained by history, fun, and community.

The trust’s innovative approach, rooted in Wicksteed’s vision, ensures the park remains accessible and free. It’s a harmonious blend of history, adventure, and sustainability that sets Wicksteed Park apart.

So, come, savour rides and natural beauty, and join living history. Each twist, turn, and laugh adds to a timeless tale, celebrating inclusivity, enjoyment, and Wicksteed Park’s visionary spirit.

Wicksteed Charitable Trust receives no regular external funding to support the continued work to keep the park open as a freely accessible place for all generations to enjoy. If you would like to support the Trust in maintaining this wonderful space and securing it for future generations to enjoy, please click the Support Us button below.


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Dive deep into the history of Northamptonshire as you wander through our woods, or hop aboard the UK’s most beloved narrow-gauge railway and let it whisk you away on a nostalgic journey. With so much to explore and experience, you’ll find yourself thinking “There’s nowhere quite like Wicksteed Park!”

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Digital Archive

Our Digital Archive contains historical photos, plans and memorabilia which we hope to update on a regular basis and welcome volunteers from all backgrounds and ages to join us. Experience a treasure trove of memories, this archive is a testament to the park’s rich heritage and the countless moments of joy it has brought to its visitors over the years.

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Are you passionate about preserving history, fostering community spirit, and shaping the future of a beloved green space? Wicksteed Park invites you to become a trustee and play a pivotal role in continuing our legacy of joy and togetherness.

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