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Access Statement

This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.

Wicksteed Park is situated on the outskirts of Kettering, 2 miles from Junction 10 of the A14. There’s nowhere quite like Wicksteed Park. Along with 30 exciting rides and activities, including one of Europe’s longest zip wires, there’s 147 acres of beautiful rolling parkland – perfect for a game of frisbee, or a big family picnic. Stay the night in our cosy campsite, wander round our woods, or jump aboard the UK’s most popular narrow gauge railway – there’s more to do than you can shake a shilling at. There is also the Edwardian Grand Pavilion which hosts many events each year – from our famous Daytime Shows, to weddings, to exhibitions. The list goes on!

The park itself is on a slight hill, but the majority of the roads around the park are flat. There are a lot of green areas, which are also used for car parking. This can be very busy during the peak season. Our lakeside walk, Avairy and Railway are accessible to wheelchair users.

BALPPA Statement on public safety for disabled people

As Members of the British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions (BALPPA) we welcome visits by disabled people and will do all that is possible to ensure a safe and pleasurable stay

As members; certain rides/attraction in our park can be physically demanding and vigorous. We therefore reserve the right to refuse admission to certain rides/attractions should we feel there is a danger to a particular individual or individuals for whatever reason. We have been advised by the Health and Safety Executive that refusal on the grounds of health and safety does not constitute discrimination. We hope that you understand and accept the decisions made in the interest of your safety.


Kettering Railway Station is 1.5miles away from Wicksteed Park. There is a taxi rank outside the station, or local taxi firm KLM Taxis can be contacted on 01536 310123.


Car parking and arrival

There is ample car parking on site and a small number of allocated hard standing disabled parking spaces. There are no concessions for Blue Badge holders.

There are two car parking payment machines in the main precinct – one on ground level, and the other up a step. Parking can be paid for at these pay stations. The telephone number for our Security department is located on the payment machines should you experience any problems.

The majority of surfaces around the park are level, however there is a gravel area in the Adventure Zone. There is lighting in the main precinct, but not on the fields.

Access into the Pavilion is one level

The drop off area by the main gate has a dropped kerb.

Main entrance, Reception and ticketing area

There is a low counter in the Reception area for wheelchair users.

The main precinct is on one level, and there is a ramp at the entrance of Guest Services.

We offer discounts for accompanying carers of visitors with additional needs (subject to appropriate DLA confirmation).

We offer discounts on Wristbands for visitors with additional needs (subject to appropriate DLA confirmation), these are as follows:

Child £14, Adult £14, Carer £14 – All Rides Open

Child £10, Adult £10, Carer £10 – Limited/Selected Rides Open

One accompanying carer will also receive the above discount.

Visitors who require the use of a wheelchair on a permanent basis will receive a free wristband.

Public Toilets

Accessible toilets can be found in the following areas:

Campsite block Hexagon Food Outlet Filter Plant Toilets Lakeside Toilets Precinct Toilets

Ideas Café Play Factory Fairground Pavilion

Changing facilities are available in most of the public toilets, an adult changing area is available within our first aid building located next to the Sway Rider.

Unisex toilet measurements (in the main precinct): There are 38cm between the floor and the seat. There is a 66cm gap to the left of the toilet (as you look at it). There are horizontal hand rails to the left and right of the toilet, and a vertical handrail to the left/front. The sink has lever taps.

Attractions (displays, exhibits, rides etc)

There are four main ride areas – Arena, Lakeside, Fairground and Playground. Rush (the tower with Zip Wires, Bag Jump, Climbing Wall, etc) is situated at the end of the precinct area. Wickys Play Factory (indoor play area situated in the

Fairground) has an entrance and exit suitable for wheelchairs (ground level) and male and female accessible toilets.

Background music is played in some areas of the park.

Ride access information is displayed at the entrance of each ride.

Some attractions have flashing lights – this is clearly displayed at the entrance to the attraction.

There are a number of seating areas at various intervals around the park.

There is a wheelchair accessible walkway and pontoon around the lake.

The Grand Pavilion is on ground level and has accessible toilets. Lighting in the rooms is fluorescent.

Details of access for the rides (ie height restrictions) can be found on our website, at the ticket offices, and at the entrance to each ride.


Fairground Gift Shop

Access on one level. There is ample room in the shop for pushchairs and wheelchairs. The entrance is approximately 147cm wide.

Bah Humbug (sweet shop) is on one level and the entrance is 86cm wide.

Staff are able to give assistance if required.


We offer a number of different catering outlets around the park. Staff are able to give assistance if required.

Carousel Café

There are tables and chairs inside and out. The tables inside are approximately 69cm high and the chairs do not have arms. There are steps and a ramp leading towards the entrance. The entrance to the Carousel Café is approximately 140cm wide.

The nearest toilets are in the precinct (including disabled).

Precinct Catering

This is outside. There are no tables or chairs directly outside but seating outside the Carousel Café is close by. The counters are fairly high. The nearest toilets are in the precinct (including disabled).

Grounds and gardens

There are large lawns and picnic areas in Wicksteed Park. Some are on a slope.

The footpath around the lake is approximately 1.8m wide and is firm and level.

All others walkways are also roads (not accessible to the public).

Signage, marketing and promotions

Wicksteed Park’s brand font is Avant Garde Gothic. We use this in its varying weights (book; regular; semi-bold; bold) and in a variety of sizes – ranging from 300+pt on signage, 20pt on safety information notices, and 9pt on take-away marketing materials. Within the park, there are sub-brands – Pavilion Shows etc. For these, the name, headline and sub-heads may incorporate other fonts but the main body text tends to remain the brand font.

The brand palette consists of 16 colours plus black and white. The colours are utilised in different combinations across the park. We place contrasting tones together in order to help text and imagery stand out.

Illustrations are used to bring character to our communications, and where helpful, we display pictograms (for example, correct riding position on safety signs).

Additional information

We welcome dogs to Wicksteed Park, however they must be kept on their leads at all times. Dogs are not permitted in the free playground, sandpit areas or catering outlets. Assistance dogs are permitted in the catering outlets.

Local equipment hire

Hearing & Mobility 01536 415373

Local accessible taxi

KLM Taxis 01536 310123

Local Public Transport

Kettering Railway Station 08457 125 678

Travelline (Bus Times) 0871 200 2233

Contact information

Address: Wicksteed Park, Barton Road, Kettering Northants NN15 6NJ
Telephone: 01536 512475

Hours of operation

Open every day except Christmas Day. Rides are seasonal. Please see website for details.

We look forward to welcoming you.

If you have any queries or require any assistance please phone 01536 512475 or email

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