Access Statement

This access statement does not contain personal opinions as to our suitability for those with access needs, but aims to accurately describe the facilities and services that we offer all our guests/visitors.

Here at Wicksteed Park we work closely with Nimbus Disability to continuously improve the accessibility of our parks, attractions and facilities for all of our visitors.

BALPPA member parks welcome visits by disabled people and will everything possible to ensure a safe and pleasurable visit. However, certain rides and attractions in our parks can be physically demanding and vigorous. We, therefore, reserve the right to refuse access to certain rides should we feel there is a danger to a particular individual or individuals for any reason whatsoever. We have been advised by the Health & Safety Executive that refusal on grounds of health and safety does not constitute discrimination. We do hope that you can understand and accept the decisions made in the interest of your safety.

Unfortunately, not all rides are suitable for all visitors, and each has strict operating requirements which our staff have to follow for health and safety reasons. Please do not ask staff to break these rules – they are there for YOUR safety and for the safety of OTHERS. Your safety is our principal concern, and consequently, we reserve the right to refuse access to a ride if we feel that your safety or the safety of others may be at risk.

Know before you go:
Learn about the different ticket options and what you need to know before you go.

Carer’s Tickets: Guests who have the following documentation are entitled to one free carer ticket, however, the guest with the disability and any further members of their party will pay full price.

Please show the relevant paperwork as well as suitable photo ID of the named recipient at Reception when you buy or collect your ticket/s. For proof of disability, please bring any ONE of the following forms of documentation:

  • Entitlement to Disability Living Allowance for children under 16 or DLA/Personal Independent Payments (PIP) for those aged 16-64, either in the form of a letter stating that the benefit has been awarded, or the actual Allowance book
  • Attendance Allowance or Carer’s Allowance letter of award
  • Incapacity Benefit books, or a letter notifying the recipient that the benefit has been awarded Incapacity Benefit or Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • A valid Blue Badge
  • In the case of visual impairment, a registration card known as the BD8 or a Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI)
  • A local authority registration document that is local to the attraction where it is being submitted
  • A recognised Assistance Dog ID Card
  • Credibility’s Access Card with +1 symbol

Disabled guests who have a specific need for a second helper/carer can request another free ticket but will need to show that they have a need for a second carer by providing suitable proof, namely a letter from a school, GP or hospital consultant detailing why the second carer is required.

You do not need to reserve your carer’s ticket as they can be collected upon arrival at Reception.

We offer a number of spaces on a first come, first served basis for those who have a Blue Badge identifying a mobility issue. We do ask that the owner of the blue badge be present in the vehicle when parking with their badge present and on display.

Disabled Parking is situated in both car parks. Parking is charged per car.

Unfortunately, we do NOT offer wheelchair hire facility at this time. Although care has been taken to ensure grounds and pathways are accessible, our rural location and farm grounds do mean we have uneven pathways, rough terrain, and hard grounds (including the car park). Please take care whilst walking around at all times. Some wheelchair users may find our terrain unsuitable in some areas.

A number of accessible toilets are located around the park:

  • Heritage Zone- opposite reception
  • Thrill Zone
  • Splash Zone

All assistance dogs are welcome to Wicksteed Park

However, due to our unique environment, the following requirements apply:

  • Owners must be in control of their animal at all times.
  • The animal must remain on a lead whilst inside the Park.
  • The animal cannot be left unattended at any time.
  • Animals are not permitted to enter a ride carriage.
  • Whilst we do not have a designated area for animals to expel waste, we require all animal owners to dispose of any waste immediately.

With most of our rides, mobility scooters should be left outside the building. If there is a specific accessibility requirement in relation to a mobility scooter needing to be brought to the boarding point, the guest should speak to a member of staff.

Not all rides are suitable for everyone. You know your circumstances and abilities best, so we would recommend you plan ahead. To do this, you can talk through your access needs with our teams and check which rides will be suitable for you before you visit.

Before enjoying each ride and attraction, we recommend that you please read the safety instructions at the ride entrance, on the Ride Restriction boards or in the Accessibility Guide

We look forward to welcoming you.

If you have any queries or require any assistance please phone 01536 512475 or email