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What is the difference between tickets and wristbands?

Wristbands give you unlimited access to the rides on the day of your visit (height restrictions apply). Tickets can be shared amongst yourselves and saved for a future visit in that same year. Most rides require 1, 2 or 3 tickets per person.

Wristbands are best for those people who will use a lot of the rides or attractions. If you are only going to go on a small number of rides, tickets are the best option for you. On days when the weather forecast is bad we recommend you purchase tickets instead of wristbands. Tickets that you don’t use can be used on a future visit in that same year.

Park Rules

Opening and closing times

  • Wicksteed Park is privately owned by the Wicksteed Charitable Trust and is closed every night. The opening and closing times are displayed on each of the pedestrian gates. Times vary across the year.


  • Dogs must be kept on leads at all times no matter how small or sweet natured.
  • Please clean up your dog’s mess after you – it is a serious public health hazard.
  • Dogs are not allowed in the children’s play areas. Please observe the signs.
  • There is a dog exercising field above the campsite at the far side of the park, this is the only place where dogs can be let off a lead


  • Smoking is not permitted in the ride areas, playgrounds or built-up areas. It is permitted in the grounds but please dispose of your cigarette butts safely. They are a fire risk.


  • You can cycle around the lake path before the rides open at 10:30am or after they close at 6pm. Please watch out for pedestrians at all times.
  • Cycling in the built up areas is not allowed.


  • You are very welcome to have a picnic but please pick up all your litter and place in the bins provided.
  • We would rather spend our money on improving the park rather than picking up litter!


  • Disposable BBQs are strictly banned unless they are kept well off the grass (at least 500mm). They cause major long term damage and are a serious fire risk. Please dispose of your hot cinders in the special black metal bins provided.

Train track and train bridges

  • Please do not walk on our train track, it may look strong but any damage does mean higher maintenance bills for us. The train bridges are just that – bridges for trains and not humans.


  • Wicksteed Park is full of wonderful wildlife and plants. Please respect them all.
  • Please do not feed the wildfowl with bread, it is not good for them.


  • Any damage or theft to our property will not be tolerated. We do prosecute.
  • Personal property: Wicksteed Charitable Trust accepts no responsibility for loss of personal property.


  • Please treat our staff as you wish to be treated. We do not tolerate any bullying or abuse.

Swimming in the lake

  • Swimming in the lake is done at your own risk. Wicksteed Charitable Trust accepts no responsibility for any injuries or accidents which may arise.

First Aid

  • The park operates a first aid service on ride days only.


Click here to download our Access Statement

What are the park opening and closing times?

The grounds are open all year round, as well as the free playground (except Christmas day) from sunrise to sunset. The car parks open at 9am. On days when the rides are open, they start at 10.30am. The closing time for the rides is decided on the day.

Why do I have to pay a car parking charge?

As Wicksteed Park is owned by a charitable trust, it receives no funding from any local or national authority. Therefore, car parking charges are in place in order to maintain the park grounds.

Why don’t you charge a one-off entrance fee per person?

Wicksteed Park is unique in that, unlike other parks, you don’t have to pay for the rides if you’re not going to use them. Having the option of purchasing wristbands or tickets enables all of our visitors to purchase the most cost-effective product for them.

Are children under 2 years old free of charge?

We don’t have a minimum age – we go by height. Anyone under 0.9m can use the rides for free. Children between 0.9m and 1m can purchase a Mini-Me wristband for £15. Please note that on some rides children may be required to be accompanied by an adult. The adult will need to purchase the necessary tickets or wristband.

Do you accept Tesco Clubcard vouchers, and what can they be used against?

We accept the Tesco Clubcard vouchers that are exchanged from your Tesco reward points against our sheets of ride tickets only. They may not be used against anything else.

Please note that we do not accept the Great Day Out vouchers that are given out at the tills.

Are picnics allowed in the park?

Yes you are welcome to bring your own picnic along with you.

Why do you have height restrictions on your rides?

The height restrictions that are in place are those recommended by the ride manufacturer for health and safety reasons.

Are dogs allowed in the park?

Dogs are permitted in the park, as long as they are kept on their leads at all times. Please note dogs are not allowed in the free children’s playground and sandpit. Dogs must not be left unattended at any time.

Is cycling allowed in the Park?

On days when the rides are open, cycling is not allowed. Please refer to the opening times for further details of seasonal opening.

Are BBQ’s permitted in the park?

We don’t mind you having a BBQ on our BBQ field, but we love our grass and trees as well! Please please dispose of your ash safely and keep your BBQ off the ground by at least 500mm

Are there any local hotels nearby?

The closest hotel is the Kettering Park Hotel. Other hotels in the area include the Travelodge and Premier Travel Inn.

Find and compare hotels through HotelsCombined for the cheapest rates nearby.

Can I hire a pushchair?

Pushchairs can be hired from the First Aid Centre on a first come, first served basis at a daily charge of £10 per pushchair plus a £10 refundable deposit.


Do you have electric hook-up at the campsite?

We currently do not have electric hookup, however this is something we are looking into for the future.

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