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Lake Walks

Our Lakeside Walks are looking lovelier than ever.

In 2013, Wicksteed Park was successful in achieving Heritage Lottery Funding to support The Wicksteed Charitable Trust’s ambitious £3 million pound Lake Restoration Project, ‘to restore it to its former glory as the focal point of the Park.’ The project aimed to restore the character of the lake, reinstate views, enhance habitats for its flora and fauna, and increase access around it.

It’s the heart of our park and by taking a walk around the lake you can see so much wildlife and nature. With shingle beaches, a pontoon, nature spots and the arboretum for you to enjoy  and some of the best views of the park. And of course,  don’t forget to wave to the train when it toots by!

Wicksteed Park Lake

Algae and blanket weed meant people struggled to use rowing boats and large steam boat rides had to be stopped. Its water is supplied by the River Ise which is a tributary of the River Nene. Over the years large amounts of sediment collected, reducing the lake’s depth to less than half a metre (20in).

But over the past year it was drained, dredged and deepened and now includes wildlife habitats and a shingle beach. a new natural play area built out of the park’s fallen trees can be seen when walking around the lake to encourage children to climb and explore.

The lake is now returned to former glories and work has been done to preserve it for future generations.

Bird watchers paradise

A Variety of Water fowl such a Canada geese, Bewick’s and Whooper swans, Mallards, Taiga bean geese, Greenland White-fronted Geese, Wigeons, Herons, Cranes, Cormorants and Great crested grebe’s can often bee seen swimming in the lake.

During the Spring these birds can be seen with Baby waterfowl during the spring and walking around the lakeside edge at Wicksteed Park.

Wicksteed Park Bird Watchers Paradise

Nature walks for wildlife lovers

Through out the year can you enjoy guided Bat walks around the lake and Arboretum and during the day from dawn until dusk you can enjoy the company of many other species of wild birds and raptors such a Red Kites, Buzzards, Hawks and Owls.

Wicksteed Park - Nature Walks For Wildlife Lovers
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“We all know that pleasurable exercise is good for the mind and for the body. I have good reason to believe that the park I have formed in Kettering has changed the lives for the better.”

Charles Wicksteed.

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