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Our Car Park Prices

In order for the charity to provide free open access of this beautiful parkland, donations are vital in order to enable them to do so. Money that we receive for parking your car at Wicksteed Park is a key contributor to this area so thank you for your support.

Our parking is managed by an external company and works using ANPR so there is no barrier in place. This system helps speed up entry and exit and is a much smoother process for all.

There are a number of ways to pay for your parking, so please do read the notices around the park to ensure you have paid before you leave. Our fees can be seen below. A fine will be issued if a vehicle exits through the ANPR without having paid a fee.

Fees are as follows:

1-2 hours £3

2-3 hours £4

All Day £6

For those visitors who are attending an event or meeting when parking fees are levied, then registration numbers will be required in advance or on the day in order to register your vehicle with the system.

If you visit the park regularly, why not take advantage of our parking permit. It’s just £45 for the year!

To enquire or purchase one please buy online or call 01536 512475.

Wickdteed Park - Bees
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“We all know that pleasurable exercise is good for the mind and for the body. I have good reason to believe that the park I have formed in Kettering has changed the lives for the better.”

Charles Wicksteed.

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