Water Chute

Water Chute

Splash Zone
Height Restriction
min: 0.9m
Accompanied Height
min: 0.9m - max: 1.1m
Closed Today
Closed Tomorrow

1 Ticket per person or included with Ride wristband

Welcome to the oldest water chute in Britain, and one of the oldest surviving water-based rides in the world!

Designed by Charles Wicksteed, The Water Chute has thrilled visitors at Wicksteed Park since 1926.

This historic attraction is certainly a unique thrill and is even a listed monument! Located towards the back of the park, The Water Chute tower remains almost as originally built, except that in 1931 the original flat roof was replaced with a sweeping hipped roof to match the “house style” of contemporary structures in the park.

Visitors are seated in a wooden boat which slowly releases and rolls down a track into the lake creating a lovely big splash! The ride then uses a rope-pulley mechanism which is attached to the rear of the boat to pull itself back to the top, ready for the next group of visitors waiting in line for this fantastic historic ride.

This unique experience is one of the most popular attractions at Wicksteed Park and has created so many happy memories over the years!

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