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Paws for thought as new year begins

The start of a new year at Wicksteed Park has brought lots of excitement, as we get things ready to help fill 2023 with amazing memories.

We are encouraging everyone to keep their eyes and ears peeled for announcements in the coming weeks as we gear up to open our rides and attractions at Easter.

The first major event at the park this year is our Centenary Ball, which we postponed last year due to the death of the Queen, but will now be held in our Edwardian pavilion ballroom on Saturday February 11.

The celebration to mark 100 years since the park was opened by Charles Wicksteed in 1921 will include amazing food, drink and entertainment to celebrate the Roaring 20s and an era of glamour and decadence.

People attending the evening of celebration will be able to enjoy exquisite 1920s cocktails, followed by a delicious three-course 1920s-inspired meal created exclusively for the event by the park’s executive chef.

As well as looking forward, it’s nice to reflect on 2022 and take a moment to appreciate the great achievements that we enjoyed throughout the year. We had an incredible summer, celebrating 100 years of Wicksteed Park with our Centenary Regatta, enjoyed another amazing year of our Fireworks Display and had a wonderful Christmas full of festive events!

With all that in mind, we also wanted to take a moment to share a story that touched many of our hearts here at the park.

Towards the end of the year, we received a message explaining that Tilly, a 13 year old cat with Parkinson’s had gone missing on Wicksteed Park grounds. Our staff assured the owners that we’d keep an eye out for her – our team knew we had to do our best to try and find her.

Days went by and we’d still had no sign of Tilly until we spotted our new furry friend sneaking around the Thrill Zone and after being missing for 9 ½ days, we finally managed to reunite Tilly with her owners, who were thrilled to have her back.

It’s moments like these where we appreciate our staff’s dedication to going the extra mile.

With this in mind, we’re excited for 2023 and the fun that awaits us.


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