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Wicksteed Charitable Trust

Wicksteed Park is wholly owned by Wicksteed Charitable Trust and is a Grade II English Heritage Listed Park & Garden. Our community, education and heritage activities promote the precious historic landscape, heritage rides and provide new opportunities for communities to engage and participate.

The original Wicksteed Trust was set up in 1916 to carry on Charles’ work. The trusts main objectives are to provide charitable purposes for the benefit of people resident, but not exclusively, in Kettering and its neighbourhood, in particular the provision of facilities for recreation and other leisure time occupation in the interests of social welfare to improve the conditions of life of the users of such facilities.

Heritage Events

Bat Walks

01st Aug - 01st Sep 2022

Join us this summer at twilight for a guided walk to watch these fantastic creatures come out to forage and feed

Tai Chi

02nd Aug - 30th Aug 2022

From Tuesday 2nd August we have beginners Tai Chi sessions in front of the Learning Space,

Mindful Crafts

04th Aug - 25th Aug 2022

Enjoy a session of fun crafting, with no two sessions the same.

Summer Stroll

04th Aug - 25th Aug 2022

Guided walk in the park to enjoy the cool summer evening

Baking Competition

20th Aug 2022

Calling all bakers and cake decorators!

Vegetable Showdown

20th Aug 2022

Re-introducing a classic community competition, the vegetable showdown

Latest news from the Charitable Trust

Wicksteed Park Learning Space
If you or your organization are ever interested in booking the learning space for a meeting, or event,
Volunteers at Wicksteed Park
There are many ways to volunteer at Wicksteed Park. Our volunteers are a huge part of keeping the park looking as great as it does.
wicksteed learning space - Gallery
The premise of this project is to engage young people with the heritage of Wicksteed Park.
Wicksteed Heritage Now
Heritage Now is a six-week placement programme with the Wicksteed Park Community and Heritage Team.

Heritage Attractions at Wicksteed park

Such wonderful adventures and rides to discover at Wicksteed Park!

Wicksteed Park - Butterfly

Wicksteed Charitable Trust

The Wicksteed Charitable Trust receives no regular external funding to help maintain the park as a truly unique, freely accessible public space.

You can help to preserve the park for future generations by making donations. All money raised is used to help maintain the park and its grounds.

Wicksteed Park - Dragonfly
Wicksteed park
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“We all know that pleasurable exercise is good for the mind and for the body. I have good reason to believe that the park I have formed in Kettering has changed the lives for the better.”

Charles Wicksteed.

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