S is for Sway Rider

is for Sway Rider

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H is for half term

is for half term

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C is for choo, choo

is for choo choo!

We have Britain’s

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We are social butterflies

We are social butterflies


is for Wicksteed Park


A history of high jinks

Hello everyone, and welcome to Wicksteed Park! I’m Charles Wicksteed, the fellow who created this park back in 1913. I wanted it to be a place where children and adults alike could get out and have a bit of fun, whether they fancied zooming down a waterchute, or taking a gentle stroll.

A century later, I reckon we’re still Britain’s best day out. There’s lots more to discover about our story.

Wicksteed’s History

The Wicksteed Charitable Trust

Wicksteed Charitable Trust

The Wicksteed Charitable Trust, which recently celebrated its centenary, has kept alive Charles Wicksteed’s dream of providing healthy play for children and families.

The Trust strives to bring the history of the park alive to all visitors and reflect its rich heritage but it is also looking forward to ensure a vision for the future that is both innovative and ambitious.

More about the Trust

School visits to Wicksteed Park

Looking for a jolly good day away from the classroom at term end enjoying our attractions?

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For a classroom experience covering Key Stages 1-4! We are here for both!

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Memberships and Accredditations

Wicksteed Park is a member of BALPPA (British Association of Leisure Parks, Piers and Attractions) and welcomes visits by people with disabilities to its amusement park.