The home of play

Play is at the heart of everything we do, and Wicksteed Park is a place where the whole family can have fun. From thrilling rides and leisurely strolls to high tech games and community heritage. Wicksteed Park really is a place for everyone!


A park wouldn’t be what we know without a playground, and 2018 marks the centenary year for the first piece of playground apparatus manufactured by Wicksteed. It all began with a man who is now known as “The Pioneer of the Playground”, Charles Wicksteed. Charles had a garden that his children could play in and he believed that all children should have a place to play that wasn’t on the streets. In 1913, he bought a piece of land in Kettering to create a space that was safe for children to play on; that piece of land is now what we call Wicksteed Park.

Wicksteed's history

and now.

Wicksteed Park as we know it today is much more than a traditional playground. It’s now bursting with exciting rides, some of which were invented by Charles Wicksteed himself, such as the famous water chute, which many modern log flumes are based on. Although what was once a traditional playground has now become a huge attraction with thrilling rides, 100 years later the belief that the park should be a safe place to play still remains.


A day to remember

Wicksteed Park truly has something for everyone. Whether you’re booking a family day out to use all of the attractions the park has to offer and see some of the pieces Charles invented, private function rooms for hire.

Milly and Molly the Meerkats

Did you know?

Wicksteed Park, is wholly owned by Wicksteed Charitable Trust and is a Grade II English Heritage Listed Park & Garden. The park was founded in 1921 as part of the extraordinary legacy of Charles Wicksteed which extends beyond the Recreation Park he created. As an entrepreneur and innovator Charles was also an inventor and respected successful engineer.

Our community, education and heritage activities promote the precious historic landscape, heritage rides and provide new opportunities for communities to engage and participate.

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