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Wicksteed Park has brought back its ride ticket system as an alternative way to enjoy its attractions – after listening to feedback from customers.
The ride tickets were previously valid for the calendar year of purchase but the redemption period was changed to seven days earlier this year in a bid to tackle an increase in the production of fraudulent tickets.
But after listening to a wide range of customers’ views about why the ride ticket system was so popular, the park is reinstating the annual redemption period in time for the half-term holidays.
Wicksteed Park Head of Sales and Marketing Rachel James said the park had implemented other, additional, security measures in a bid to reduce fraudulent tickets
She said: “The vast majority of people who visit Wicksteed Park buy our daily ride wristbands, which we believe are exceptional value and which are also subject to regular promotions and discounts, such as over the current half-term holiday.
“But there is no doubt that the purchase of tickets which can be used in a more selective way over the course of a year has a big role to play in the way people enjoy our attractions.
“Grandparents and child carers, for example, buy one lot of tickets so they can then access the park for small periods of time across the year, making it a much more affordable way to visit with the children on a regular basis.
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“We are a family attraction and want to work with our customers to help create the ideal day out for everyone. We have listened to what people have told us and brought back something which is both popular and convenient for many of them.”
Individual ride tickets, which can be used for individual rides, can be bought from the park in the usual way. Re-introducing the previous system replaces plans for people to be able to load tickets onto a pre-paid card.
Lots of the park’s attractions will remain open at weekends until November 3 and throughout October half term, such as a new haunted house, which can be enjoyed for three tickets per person and is also included in the price of a ride wristband.
The park will also be holding its 18th annual bonfire night spectacular on Saturday November 2, where people can enjoy a fireworks and laser show depicting the story of the Witches of Wicksteed.
As well as the Witches of Wicksteed show, which is new for the this year and a first for the park, people can also see a giant minotaur wicker statue go up in flames and enjoy fantastic food, music, a funfair and the bonfire itself.
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