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Looking forward to getting back to normal

Everyone at Wicksteed Park is currently working hard to try and prepare, as the uncertainty caused by Covid-19 means it is still unclear what parts of the park will be able to re-open and when.

Maintenance and repairs on our rides and attractions are being completed, the meerkats and the rest of the animals are being cared for, as you would expect, and everyone is looking forward to when we can start to get back to some kind of normal.

We are also pleased to have started some repair and improvement work around the park, funded by a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant, which was announced in 2019, so keep an eye out for further information as the work progresses.

The National Lottery Heritage Fund and the emergency financial backing it gave to the park last year played a major part in ensuring we were able to keep the gates open, so we are very grateful for its support.

The Wicksteed Charitable Trust has also worked tirelessly to ensure that Covid-19 didn’t spell disaster for the park and, of course, the amazing donations we received for the public helped us a tremendous amount, and I will never tire of saying thank you for everything fundraisers and volunteers have done to support us over the last 12 months.

Things at the park look brighter than they did in the dark days of last summer, but it is important that those public donations continue to support the charity in the months and years ahead.

The Trust, as a charity, has very limited resources, and in the past has had to resort, with much reluctance, to selling off land to meet a vital financial need.

Your support and fundraising helps prevent us having to do that and is massively appreciated by everyone connected with the park.

Oliver Wicksteed, chairman, Wicksteed Charitable Trust

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