Sing As We Go

May 5 - 6 May

This warm-hearted and fun show tells the story of troops who are determined to entertain their colleagues in the face of adversity. Soldiers caught in the trenches on the battlefield keep their spirits high by listening to the radio girls back home, who brighten up their days by singing songs over the airwaves.

The boys at war start writing letters to the radio show, which are read out on air and are encouraged to start their own concert party to entertain the troops. The radio girlfriends hear about this and surprise them by flying out to boost morale.

You can come and enjoy the Matinee performance, with an afternoon tea:

May 5th, 6th & 7th

£28 for individuals and groups of less than 20

£26 pp groups (Call for more info)

Book at Reception

Tel: 01536 512475

Sing as we go
Sing as we go
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