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New Meerkat Manor

Wicksteed Park’s fun-loving and adorable meerkats are moving into a new home ‘Meerkat Manor’ as part of the park’s commitment to enhance its attractions.

Meerkat Manor is bigger and more easily accessible for park visitors, including family members of all ages and people with disabilities, including wheelchair users.

It is on the same site, at the top end of the park, and as well as being more open plan, it includes a PA system and TV to allow animal keepers to give talks to visitors about the meerkats and their habitat.

A central viewing area, including a large two-way glass wall, allows more people to see the meerkats.

Meerkat Manor has been built in-house by the team at Wicksteed, with the majority of the work completed by staff and park volunteers.

Head of Sales and Marketing Rachel James said: “We want to do everything we can to enhance the park’s attractions to ensure visitors have a great day out.

“The meerkats are a much-loved part of the park and we wanted to rebuild their home, both for their benefit and for the benefit of the people who want to see them.”

The meerkats have been cared for by park staff in a temporary pen at the park while their new home is completed. They are due to start exploring their new home in the next few weeks.

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