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M&B Event Update.

Along with ticket holders, the acts, their agents and all other venues, we were notified via an email from M&B Promotions today (Tuesday) that all of their scheduled events for this year have been cancelled and that the company and its ticket platform have ceased operations.

We understand and share the frustration and disappointment of people who have bought tickets and have struggled to obtain refunds from M&B Promotions. We have not received any payment of venue fees from M&B Promotions for these events.

Wicksteed Park was one of a number of venues booked for these events by M&B Promotions. As with all venue-only bookings, Wicksteed Park have no involvement other than providing the space for the third party event. The event organiser, M&B Promotions,  were solely responsible for organising their own events, booking acts, dealing with agents and selling tickets. All ticket revenue went to M&B Promotions and they were not selling them on behalf of Wicksteed Park.  Wicksteed Park was due to receive a set fee for the hire of the venue which we have not received.

M&B Promotions were able to demonstrate to us that they had strong relationships with the agents of some of the country’s top performing artists and had previously run successful events at other venues across the UK, as well as the Park before the ownership of M&B Promotions changed in 2021.

Over recent months we have repeatedly tried to contact M&B Promotions to discuss these events and to try and gain assurances on behalf of those who have bought tickets.

Unfortunately M&B Promotions failed to respond to our requests to discuss the situation and our offer to help and support the delivery of these events.

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