Our luxury lodges add that extra special element to staying at Wicksteed Park. Each lodge sleeps up to six people and is located in a secure gated area next to the park.

50% Off

Second Day Full Price Wristbands for Lodge Guests*

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Please note: We have no availability until September 25th

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Please note, our rental lodge does not have Wi-Fi facility and dogs are not allowed within our lodges.

If you would like to enquire about booking a lodge, please contact our friendly Reception Team on 01536 512475 or email hello@wicksteedpark.org

Lodges T&Cs

Second Day Wristbands Discount!

Stay with us and get a whopping 50% off wristbands* for your second day! This discount applies to the full price of a ticket. Whoopee! You just need to whizz your previous day’s wristband and camping permit/receipt to our Visitor Centre. There’s a bit of small print to read. Collect your second-day wristband from any Ticket Office, Guest Services and the Gift Shop.

Purchase Wristbands

*Second Day Wristband Terms

Save 50% on wristbands!! In order to redeem this discount, on your second day *, take your previous day’s child’s/adult’s wristbands as proof of purchase; the person’s requiring a wristband, and your valid camping permit(or customer receipt) as proof of camper status to Guest Services. You will be able to purchase up to the same number of children’s wristbands you are redeeming from your first day, but with a whopping 50% off!

Please note that wristbands purchased in one transaction will be at a discounted rate. No discount tokens can be used in conjunction with this special camping offer. This discount is only valid against the purchase of children’s & adult’s wristbands, not tickets. Only the number of children’s/adult’s wristbands returned from day one can be discounted on day two. The 50% is only subject to the full price of a ticket, not in connection with any other discount.

*If you have a gap between your ‘day one’ and your ‘day two’ wristbands, the second day discount can be applied as long as the coloured wristbands being redeemed as ‘day one’ wristbands were purchased during your current stay.

You are only able to use your camping permit/customer receipt once per stay to claim your second day discount: you cannot come back to purchase further wristbands on the same or subsequent days, only on a separate stay.

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