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Countdown to full opening of Wicksteed Park

Wicksteed Park is making the final preparations for a major milestone, with the re-opening of rides and attractions in The Thrill zone on Saturday May 22.

Visitors will once again be able to enjoy their favourites, such as the Rocky River Falls, Paratrooper, Dodgems and the rollercoaster, which has been refurbished and renamed Dinosaur Valley.

These well-loved attractions will add to those already open, such as the fantastic new Meerkat Manor, the Train, Sway Rider, Mini Rangers, and the Carousel, which have been enjoyed by visitors since re-opening on the April 17. There are also plans for a new attraction, which will be revealed in the coming weeks.

The park, which has bounced back from the devasting effects of enforced closure due to Covid-19, is also holding a celebration re-opening weekend to coincide with the start of May half-term on Saturday May 29.

Sneak previews and details of the exciting new attraction and when it will open will be released on the park’s social media channels over the coming weeks.

It is part of the park’s commitment to enhance its attractions and add even more fun and excitement for its visitors.

As in previous years, the park is planning to fully open seven days a week during May half term and the summer holidays. Ride wristbands are being held at 2019 prices (£20 for children and £17 for adults) with ride tickets remaining at £2.50 (one ticket per ride).

Rachel James, Wicksteed Park’s Head of Sales and Marketing, said: “Everyone at the park has been working incredibly hard to get everything ready for The Thrill zone opening and we can’t wait for people to start enjoying themselves on the rides once more.

“The last year has been a very difficult one for the park but thanks to a lot of hard work, including the support of volunteers and the local community, we are not only still here but are making plans for an exciting future and re-opening our attractions is just the start of that.

“We are incredibly excited about the new attraction and will release more details soon, but for now we hope people will have fun trying to guess what it might be.”

Wicksteed Park combines 147 acres of beautiful parkland and an Edwardian pavilion with more than 30 rides and attractions for all the family.

The park, which is owned by the Wicksteed Charitable Trust, was founded by Charles Wicksteed, the inventor of the modern-day slide and swing, to encourage families to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle and get out into the fresh air.

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