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Traditional Playground


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OPENING 01st Apr

A park wouldn’t be a park without a Traditional Playground, and as our founder, Charles Wicksteed, invented the world’s first swing and slide, we have plenty to play on! Swings, roundabouts and slides, what more could you want? Mums and Dads, you can sit back and have a jolly good natter as the kids run around in one of the largest free Traditional Playground in Europe.

The Heritage play area boasts a replica of Charles Wicksteed’s first wooden slides, see-saws and an old playground rocking horse which was restored to its former glory after being rescued from a ditch near Margate where it had been abandoned and left to rust.

The Witch’s Hat, which was originally invented almost 100 years ago by Charles Wicksteed has also made a come-back in recent years. With what was believed to have been the last of the 12ft high rides in Britain being removed from playgrounds in the mid-1980’s, we were thrilled to receive our new Witches Hat that was created specially for us, allowing us to keep more of the history of our park alive at the home of children’s play.

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“We all know that pleasurable exercise is good for the mind and for the body. I have good reason to believe that the park I have formed in Kettering has changed the lives for the better.”

Charles Wicksteed.

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