All Shook Up

May 2021

18th - 20th and 25th - 27th of May 2021

Following the incredible success of ‘Those Were the Days’ which ran for over 200 performances at Wicksteed Park, we are thrilled to take you back to the fabulous fifties. ‘All Shook Up’ is a fun filled high energy show featuring songs by Elvis, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry and many other stars from the great rock and roll revolution.

With singers and dancers from some of the countries biggest hit shows, All Shook Up is set in the Wicksteed Diner with beautiful costumes and iconic dance routines that will leave you rocking and rolling all the way home.

We are thrilled to be adding this show to our centenary year daytime show programme.

If you have any 50’s gear the dress to impress and we will see you on the dance floor!

To book your tickets please email or call 01536 512475


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