Our Activities

Along with all our attractions are plenty of additional activities you can take part in to make your day even more adventurous. Check them out below.

Clip 'n Climb

Are you ready to scale new heights and conquer your fears? Then buckle up and enter Wicksteed Park’s brand new attraction Clip 'n Climb. Featuring 28 different challenges across a range of colourful and unique climbing walls, Clip' n Climb allows anyone to test their climbing abilities and compete with new friends.

Bookings currently suspended, please try again soon


Fancy going for gold? Come and experience one of the oldest sports in the country with longbows here at Wicksteed Park! Whether you have never shot before and want some training by a fully qualified Archery Instructor with a 15 minute beginners session or want to have a quick taste with four shots we have plenty of options available.

Our 15 minute beginners sessions are £6 per head for up to 3 participants and can be booked online. For all other sessions please come and visit us near Peacock Place.

Bookings currently suspended, please try again soon

Percy the Peacock

Check out who is still left to find or carry on hunting.

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