Why James has comedy licked |

Why James has comedy licked

Rising comedy star James Acaster has revealed his first ever foray into the world of entertainment – selling ice creams at Wicksteed Park.

The 29-year-old, known for his deadpan comic delivery, served ice lollies and 99s to visitors after getting a job at the park, which is near his home in Kettering.

He has now returned to his old workplace to film a “mockumentary” of his life, which has just been released and can be viewed by clicking here.

James, who has just started his Recognise 2014 tour of the UK, said: “People complain Kettering is boring. But I say how many towns have got a roller coaster or a pirate ship?”

The comedian, who has appeared on radio and TV, including the hit show Never Mind The Buzzcocks, worked at Wicksteed when he was a 16-year-old.

He said: “It was off season and it was my first job. I sold ice creams and soft drinks to the visitors.

“I remember spending a lot of time trying to look busy. Sometimes I’d go and work on the hot dog stand for a change of scenery!”


Wicksteed Park managing director: “Although the film makes a joke out of the fact nobody at the park remembers James, the staff who were here at the time do know about his time with us.


“We are proud that he worked here and what he has gone on to achieve but if he ever wants to come back and help out serving at one of our outlets he is more than welcome!”

James, who has entertained audiences around the world with his special brand of low-key whimsy, also has fond memories of the historic theme park when he was a youngster on family visits.


He said: “It was a great place to go back to film there for the video, which is me going back to my roots only to find everything’s changed and no one remembers me. It was a perfect setting.”

The mockumentary can be viewed on YouTube here