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Family Fun

Sway Rider

Strap yourself in and prepare to be swung through the air at speeds of up to 30mph. The 30ft high ride undulates up and down as you are tilted 45 degrees to give you and your family an adrenaline rush to remember.

Sway Rider artwork has been created especially for the park and has been hand-decorated with paintings of some of the park’s iconic attractions.

Our new attraction is for children over 1metre tall. Children between 1m and 1.2m child must be accompanied by an adult

x2 Fairground

Meerkat Burrows

Pop up amongst furry friends in Meerkat Burrows. 0.9m must be accompanied by a responsible person over the age of 14.

x1 Fairground

Treetop Walk

We’re very excited to announce another new attraction to Wicksteed Park, the Treetop Walk. Climb, scramble and crawl along a 90-metre course which will take you up to eight metres off the ground.

x3 1.1m Fairground

Snakes & Ladders – Astroslide

Try out our newly refurbished snake like slide.

Children under 1m must be accompanied by a responsible person over 14 years old on the same mat. The responsible person must sit behind the child. This attraction has no minimum height restriction but all riders must be able to walk unaided to be able to take a turn.

x2 Fairground


Feel your tummy drop as this rides take you to the sky and back to the ground.

Maximum height for riders is 1.9m.

x2 1.1m Fairground

Woolloomooloo Aviary

Walk through our new Woolloomooloo Aviary and enjoy the sounds and sights of beautiful birds.

Please note: one ticket will admit up to two customers.

x1 Fairground

Cups & Saucers

It’s time to get dizzy, boys and girls! If you’re under 1m, you need a grown up to accompany you.

x1 Fairground

Crazy Golf

Can you sink a hole in one? Really? We’ve heard that before. Come along and show us!

If you’re under 0.9m then you play for free but you must be accompanied.

x3 Fairground

Clown Coaster

A roller-coaster for big ones and little ones alike. If you’re between 0.9m and 1m tall, you’ll need to bring a friend aged at least 14 along for the ride.

x2 0.9m Fairground

Rockin’ Tug

Set sail for the high seas, pirates and prepare for rough seas! (If you’re under 1.1m tall, you’ll need a bigger pirate to sail with you.)

x2 0.9m Fairground

Snakes & Ladders – Dropslide

If you’re feeling daring try out our 8m Dropslide in the newly refurbished Astroslide

Children must be 8 years plus and over 1.2m tall. You must wear socks at all times and skirts/shorts above the knee are not permitted.

Please make sure you cover the backs of your thighs!

x2 1.2m Fairground


Choose your steed! Our beautiful carousel can take you as far as your imagination. Children under 1m will need a grown-up buddy, and may need to ride in a carriage.

x2 Fairground

Ladybird Coaster

Who says little kids can’t go on roller-coasters? We say, climb aboard. If you’re 0.9-1m, grab a grown-up.

x2 0.9m Arena

Honey Pot Bears

The sweetest ride at Wicksteed! Join our bear for some scrummy honey, and a whole load of twists and turns. Fourteen year-olds and over: we’re trusting you with the young ones (less than 1m).

x1 Arena


Our railway track runs around a large section of the park, taking in gorgeous countryside and beautiful wildlife habitats. No wonder it’s Britain’s most popular narrow gauge railway!

Children under 1m must be accompanied by a responsible person over 14 yrs of age.

x2 Railway


See our glorious park from above. Great fun for all the family – but only if you have a head for heights!

Persons under 1.4m tall must be accompanied by a driver over 1.4m tall

x2 0.9m Lakeside

Mr Wicksteed Cars

Perfect mini replicas of the cars that brought visitors to the park all those years ago. If you’re less than a metre tall, bring a grown-up friend along.

x2 Lakeside
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