Gift Aid Scheme Launched To Boost Investment In Wicksteed Park |

Gift Aid Scheme Launched To Boost Investment In Wicksteed Park

Gift Aid Scheme Launched To Boost  Investment In Wicksteed Park

Wicksteed Park is to launch a Gift Aid scheme as part of its investment in preserving its heritage and beautiful countryside for future generations.

The 147-acre Kettering park, known as the home of children’s play, was founded in 1921 by Charles Wicksteed as part of his vision to inspire and encourage play as part of families’ health and well-being.

He established the The Wicksteed Charitable Trust to carry out his work after his death and to keep his dream alive.

The park has just benefitted from a £1million Heritage Lottery grant as well as funding from Northamptonshire County Council and Kettering Borough Council as part of its lake restoration scheme.

But the Trust had to contribute more than £1.6 million of its own money to the project.

And as it is not publicly owned, it cannot rely on external grant funding to help with its substantial running costs and to boost investment for the future.

Now, however, it is using its charity status to encourage people to support the park by Gift Aiding part of the money they pay for rides and car parking by completing a simple form whilst at the park.

Park prices will stay the same however it can reclaim the basic tax rate on the gift aid donation money it receives.

As well as the completion of the lake project, the park has also just invested £200,000 in one of the UK’s tallest and longest zip wires – called RUSH.

Other developments include a paddling area for toddlers, a beach and a 90m pontoon and thousands of square meters of planting reed beds.

Elsewhere in the park, bund play tunnels will be constructed out of natural materials to encourage children to crawl and explore and other new attractions include a Bah Humbug hand-made sweet shop, Waxhands hand modelling and a refurbished café.

The Edwardian Pavilion has also recently undergone a major facelift to provide a first class venue for weddings, meetings and functions.

Park Managing Director Alasdair McNee said many charities utilise Gift Aid to great effect and it was a great way for the public to help with the park’s upkeep and improve our many of our amenities.

He said: “Our new car parking scheme means that some prices at the park are actually coming down, to encourage more visits and we haven’t increased wristband prices for three years.

“But by signing a simple form, park visitors can significantly increase the amount of money we have to invest in further attractions and to preserve this wonderful park for future generations.

“The Wicksteed Charitable Trust has been very generous in funding much of the recent work at the park but it does not have limitless funds and Gift Aid is a something which everyone can do to help out.”

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