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Wicksteed Park, is wholly owned by Wicksteed Charitable Trust and is a Grade II English Heritage Listed Park & Garden. The park was founded in 1921 as part of the extraordinary legacy of Charles Wicksteed which extends beyond the  Recreation Park he created. As an entrepreneur and innovator Charles was also an inventor and respected successful engineer.  

Our community, education and heritage activities  promote the precious historic landscape, heritage rides and provide new opportunities for communities to engage and participate.   

As part of our activities we are building an archive of photos, plans and memorabilia which over coming years is being digitised for our online heritage archive.  We hope to update this on a regular basis and welcome volunteers from all backgrounds and ages to join us in helping present our heritage.  

If you would like to get involved or share your pictures and memories of the park please get in touch with Tracey Clarke Community Link Manager who looks after our archive. She can be found at





NCC Registered

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We are delighted to be  registered with Northants County Council as an approved centres for off-site visits.